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Apostolos Roussas
Entrepreneur, Animator, Director, Teacher, and Consultor.

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Free Project Management Software! Make your life easier, for free!

Deadlines. A word that scares some of us. For others they are just bells that ring and it means that they have finished what it is that they had to finish, now they are off to the next thing.

Project management software is the program that lets us know who is doing what in a team, where they are at and if they need help or if everything goes swimmingly by the time the deadline will be met.

There are many project management softwares. Others are paid, others are free, others are free but they offer paid upgrades.

I took a tour and had a look see around them. Full disclosure! I have no attachment or affiliation with any of the software packages below or with the companies that produced them. My methodology, I talked with people in similar size companies like mine, in different fields. They told me what they are using, they suggested alternatives. I searched, I looked. I found and here they are. I cannot say that one is better than the other or one is cheaper than the other. It is which one it is that you like best, that it suits your business and your way of living.

I didn’t help you a lot! I know! But! But! But I have below all the videos of each and everyone of them. Simply click them, take the tour and see which is the one that maybe is your next free project management software that you will run your company with.

Let’s go!










Teamwork projects

So what do you think? What do you use for your project management?


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