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Apostolos Roussas
Entrepreneur, Animator, Director, Teacher, and Consultor.

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Animator | Director

I’ve been doing animation for 11 years. And I know what your business needs to grab the audience's attention and reach its goals!

Business and Advertising

Animation has been proven time and again as one of the most effective methods for marketing! If you need to sell your product or service, this is a great way. Videos are proven very successful in getting people's attention with their creative designs that get viewers excited about what they're watching - which means more sales for YOU!!!

Help your business

Social Media

In the modern world of social media, animated content is a surefire way to attract morefollowers. From animated Instagram carousels and cool videos on Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can keep your audience entertained with this exciting form of marketing!

Social Media Content


Youtube is here and it's amazing! You can use motion graphics to make your video more interesting or informative. For example, when teaching about science Youtube videos are perfect because they have awesome visuals that help keep learners engaged while learning new things in an easy-to-understand way with funny comments thrown into the mix too :)

Youtube and Education

Portfolio |  Latest Case Studies

Creating things is my true felicity. I can't think of anything better than animating them!


Case Studies

I had much fun working on this project. It was for Microsoft, and the goal is to present their cloud services, Azure, through success stories in an animation style that's pretty cool looking! I got together with our designer so we could come up with something really unique-looking - it took time. Still, it's worth all those late nights inking out sketches by hand because when you're done your work will speak volumes about what they offer without ever having even said any words yet.

This particular job involved 12 different animations, including me animating myself, which made things go very fast-paced... but the man did it feel good afterward! From the very beginning, our goal was to make people feel good.

The whole presentation has been animated with a sense of humor that will keep you smiling and laughing throughout your entire viewing experience!

Microsoft Azure Campaing

We had to create 12 animated explainer videos in one month. So we did what any self-respecting animator would do: We developed several techniques and automatization to achieve that goal, but our team went one step further by creating two tools for After Effects!

One of these is a typography animator, which quickly creates high-quality animations out type on behalf of your words. At the same time, the other lets you browse through all graphic elements within seconds, so it's easy to access at hand whenever needed.


This was a cool and challenging project. Not only did I create something that would be animation-cool, but I also calculated the final file size so we could keep it low without affecting quality! The results were amazing - just check out the website for proof!

As Visual Director, my job was to talk with clients about what they wanted from their video or graphics before getting started on anything else: How should this scene play out?

What features should users see first, and how do we need to animate things to attract more attention.

The Vectary team is always coming up with new and exciting features. This time, they've added an entirely new world of animated materials into 3D objects! It's such a cool idea.


I was responsible for the entire production of this project, from pre to post and direction. I used a lot of video animation psychological tricks and can tell it had big success! Clap clap on me.

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